Education House Leeds is an independent training provider registered in the United Kingdom. We are accredited by NCFE which is over 150 years old awarding organization. It is highly respected for its quality qualifications, awards and professionalism.

We deliver accredited training to small and medium sized businesses to provide them an edge in their competitors. These training are approved by highly reputable institutions and of high standard which means members will acquire skills of immense quality and will earn certifications after the training.

We also offer preparation services for UK Citizenship tests (life in the UK test, ESOL entry 3/B1, A2), Driving Theory Test and other tests. Since 2014, we have taken students through various types of preparations that have had a major impact on their lives. These preparations have helped our students discover their hidden talents and help them develop new set of skills which has seen them become successful in their required tests.

The major reason for the high success rate of our students is our professional approach which has seen us give our various students the required attention that they need to succeed. In addition to these, our well prepared teaching material is specifically tailored towards the tests to ensure our students get the best learning experience. With this done, we then proceed to make sure that our students have a great understanding of all aspects of “how to succeed?”

Apart from preparations for different tests, we also provide courses and training to communities in developing their skills in Computer, English Language, Communication Skills and Care sector.